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The mill

The mill

The centre-piece of the mill complex is the undershot watermill of 1843. The powerful waterwheel (5m in diameter with rounded paddles) moves two sets of millstones inside which are still in operation.

The first mill is mentioned during the middle of the 12 th century. Since the foundation of the monastery in 1182 it was run by the monks and since 1630 by the local economic administrator of the domains of the Hanoverian kings. 

From 1779 onwards by hereditary right of tenure the mill had several tenants as private entepreneurs, until the delapidated mill was taken down and a new one built. For 150 years the mill belonged to the Steffens family. In 1977 the last owner Friedrich Steffens sold it to the community of Stuhr which took care of the maintenance and (carried the costs of) restauration. The active milling phase ended in 1971.  
The technical equipment has been continually restored and made operational by the fellowship of the watermill.