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The mill of the gods grinds slowly,
but it grinds exceedingly fine.

The set of millstones for producing fine flour.

This set of millstones for producing fine flour is called "Der Franzose" (The Frenchman). These millstones from French sandstone ("Süßwasserquarz" - fresh water quartz) are of a very hard quality and can cut the fine-grained semolina even further into such fine flour particles that they go through the finest flour sieves.

This third set of millstones lies in a wooden casing and works like the two other sets for producing coarse meal with a revolving upper stone turning on the fixed bottom stone so that the pattern of the "grinding beams" for cutting the grain or semolina and the "air-furrows" for transporting the grist are cutting against each other like scissors. This pattern makes up for the "sharpness" of the millstones and the fineness of the flour.

The pictures will show you, how the miller can adjust the distance between the millstones.